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Svar på dine spørgsmål

  • For which glasses can the COLORClip be made?
    There are almost no restrictions. The COLORClip can be made for metal, plastic, nylon and rimless glasses. Frame materials such as wood, horn, gold, etc. are no problem.
  • Can the COLORClip also be made for progressive lenses?
    Yes, that is easily possible.
  • How does ordering a "COLORClip Online" work?
    After ordering in our online shop, you will receive the order form. You measure 2 dimensions (width/height) and take a photo of the glasses on the form. This gives us the proportion and shape of the glasses and the COLORClip design can be created using our special software. This design is then almost perfect. You will then receive the finished clip pattern from us as a PDF. By placing the glasses on the PDF, you can check the size, shape and hook position of the clip. We will implement any changes - you will receive another PDF with the implemented changes. Usually 1-3 PDF passes are required. If everything is correct, the COLORClip will be made and sent to you insured with UPS or DHL. We have been using the process since 2012 with great success and great feedback from customers. The process is very intuitive and simple - but if you ever need help, we are of course always there for you. 98 percent of all orders work completely smoothly and perfectly!
  • How do I order a “COLORClip Classic”?
    After ordering in our online shop, you will receive an order confirmation. Send the glasses to us along with the confirmation. After receiving the glasses, we will make your clip within 1-3 days. If you want to keep the production time as short as possible, please let us know in advance. We always try to meet your desired date. After production, we will send your glasses and clip to you with UPS Express.
  • Which category should I choose?
    Category 1 COLORClip Night | 22 percent | Polarizing Optimal clip for bad weather and night. 20 to 57 percent light absorption: light to medium filter, well suited for overcast days and changing weather. Category 2 COLORClip Copper or Yellow | Polarizing 57 to 82 percent light absorption: light/medium universal filter. Category 3 (standard sun protection filter) COLORClip Grey, Brown, G 15 | with/without polarization 82 to 90 percent light absorption: Our best-selling clip - the typical sun protection for middle latitudes and southern climes, as well as bright bodies of water, on the beach and in the mountains. Category 4 (not road legal) COLORClip Gray, Brown, G 15 | with polarization 91 to 97 percent light absorption: very dark filter, ideal for e.g. high mountains, glaciers, sea, water and snow. (Due to the high absorption, not approved for road use)
  • What is polarization?
    Polarized lenses reduce/prevent glare effects in the environment, e.g. reflections/glare from snow, water surfaces, glass panes, painted surfaces, etc. When looking into the distance, the landscape and surroundings appear more contrasting. First of all, polarized lenses are ideal for drivers: they filter out glare from below, which is caused by things like shimmering or wet roads or low sun. However, under certain circumstances, certain displays (smartphones, screens, displays & head-ups in cars) may be more difficult to read. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you shouldn't miss out on it. The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages.
  • Color G15 - what is it?
    This color was originally developed for pilots. The color G15 is gray with a touch of green. This creates a high contrast and is more pleasant than gray alone. To the observer, the color usually looks like gray. G15 goes very well with most frame colors. This color is often used in sunglasses and is one of the 3 basic colors (gray, brown, G15).
  • Can the clip scratch my glasses/lenses?
    Basically not - the clip disc is made of tri-acetate (optical plastic) and the hooks are also made of a flexible material - so the clip cannot scratch your glasses or the lenses. The hooks also have small spacers which prevent direct contact with the lenses. Thick lenses (minus lenses) are also not a problem. With very strong plus lenses, which are thus curved far forward and usually protrude significantly beyond the frame, contact with the lenses can occur under certain circumstances. However, this can be clarified in advance by taking a picture of your glasses.
  • How do I clean the COLORClip?
    Rough dirt can be removed under running lukewarm water. Grease can be removed with a little spirit. A microfiber cloth does the rest. The innovative EYESHAKER works very well. This not only cleans the COLORClip, but also your glasses.
  • Liefern Sie auch in die Schweiz?
    Wir liefern auch in die Schweiz. Allerdings können wir Ihnen nicht die deutsche Umsatzsteuer erlassen und ggf. fallen zusätzliche Gebühren bei der Einfuhr in die Schweiz an.
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